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Filter types

Filter types

There is a big variety of filters are out in the market nowadays. You can definitely consult the shop assistant to find the best for you, but it does not hurt to do a little homework before going to the store too. Disposable pleated filter is the most popular air filter. This type of filter is built from paper and polyester, it does a very good job catching dust particles and allergens in the house, this type of filter should be checked regularly, every month for blockage and it should be changed every 3 months. Another type of filter is disposable fiberglass, it is not as sturdy as the pleated filter, usually comes in blue color, and this filter is very thin. Because of the quality, this type of filter should be checked and changed more often. Another type of filter that you can see often in the market is permanent reusable or washable filter. This type is made of solid aluminum or plastic frame and it can be washed and vacuumed. This filter will be more expensive, but it lasts around 5 years, you do not need to change it every 3 months, just wash it regularly. Once you know these different types of filters, choose that fits you best and then ask one of our technicians which size you need and scale. We will be happy to help.


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